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I Am Manufacturer / Brand
  • I want to sell in more cities, my target market is north India
  • I am looking for resellers in southern states
  • I want to go beyond local markets
  • I am selling through B2C platforms – want to sell in bulk through B2B channels
  • We are a start-up – looking to enter B2B market with an innovative product
  • I am looking for super stockists and C&F agents in all major cities
I Am In Distribution Business
  • I am a distributor – looking for new brands
  • I am wholesaler, looking to buy at wholesale rate directly from manufacturers
  • I am a dealer – want to connect with consumer durable brands
  • I am a super stockiest – looking to connect with brands
  • I am a retail chain – want to connect with FMCG brands
  • I am new in distribution business – want to have connections
No matter what you are, where you are – we have a solution for you
We Connect Brands With Channel Partners is India’s largest Online-To-Offline (O2O) Platform For Distribution Trade

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