Lead + Process = Success

Distribution channel building process as easy as 1-2-3

  • Vanik is the only source in India where information on verified channel partners – distributors, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, stockists, C&F agents, superstockists, sales agents – from all over India are available online. Getting details of a verified distribution partners looking for products that you offer - is about half the work done ! How to find channel partners - Watch Video

  • Unfortunately – the other half is equally important. You need to negotiate successfully.

  • It is our experience that even with best leads - where distributors are eager to take up distribution - negotiation breaks down because of inadequate communication. Distributors are experienced people, most have years of experience in distribution business, handled many large / national brands. They quickly lose patience if communication from brand / manufacturer is incomplete or inadequate. Problem is, brands / manufacturers often fail to realize inadequacy of their communication because of inexperience. Result, a sure deal breaks down

  • The urge to pick up phone and dial immediately without any preparation, without preliminary homework is among the biggest causes of deal breaking. Cold calling gets less than 1 percent success.

  • You need to warm up the lead gently and initiate business discussion. Your first communication should be such that distribution partner finds it hard to ignore.

  • Vanik offers a tech enabled process for warming up leads, establishing communication in a way that builds mutual trust and eventually lead to successful conclusion. Result ? over 80% response.
    Want to know how ? Please watch this video How To Convert Channel Partner Leads Into Business

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