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Vanik makes distribution easy. Building distribution channels in India is tedious, time-consuming and hugely expensive. Only large companies and MNCs are able to build Pan-India distribution channels. 99.3% Indian SMEs never grow beyond 5 Crores sales. They are unable to grow beyond local markets - they lack distribution channels. Vanik is solving this age old problem using technology. For details - please watch this video What is Vanik ?

Vanik helps small and medium businesses find channel partners across India and build distribution network at lowest cost and in shortest period of time.

  • Vanik helps you expand your distribution network across India
  • Using Vanik services - you will be able to set-up and expand your distribution network and sell far more than what you have been doing now
  • From Online Leads To Offline Success - Vanik Helps You All The Way
  • Please watch this video
  • Vanik Offers Money Back Guarantee - Guaranteed Response Or Money Back

Vanik offers you an opportunity to connect with brands/manufacturers from across India and even overseas - who are looking for distribution partners in your market. You will be able to get lucrative distribution contracts by registering at vanik and interacting with hundreds of companies who are looking for distributors, dealers, wholesalers, super stockists, CFA, sales agents etc.

This is a free service - you need not pay any fee for basic services.

Please watch this video for more information

Use Vanik services to launch your business free of cost and reach out to brands across India and even overseas. Please feel free to contact us in case you need any help/assistance.

  • To join Vanik.Com, follow the top menu button Members -> Free Registration
  • Please select your membership type - Brand Or Channel Partner. Brand means manufacturers, importers and overseas companies looking for distribution partners. Channel Partner is a generic term for distributors, dealers, wholesalers, sales agents, super stockists, C&F agents, franchises, retailers, retail chains etc.
  • Registration is FREE - takes couple of minutes.
  • As registered member - you will be able to search databases, create business proposals, apply for trial membership, log-in to member dashboard and manage membership resources such as profile management, receive direct messages, alerts, notifications etc.
  • Once satisfied with Vanik free services - please upgrade  Here's Membership Subscription Page
  • Registration Is Free
  • Takes just couple of minutes
  • However, to make full use of Vanik services like contacting verified channel partners, promotion, using sales funnel to establish trusted relationship, accessing resources like model contracts, retail directory, overseas markets etc. - Please upgrade
  • Please click For Subscription Options

Vanik support team is ever ready to help you. You have multiple options for calling support


  1. Help Desk  Raise support request by clicking HelpDesk button at bottom right hand corner of any page
  2. Support Ticket is the fastest way of getting help. Each support ticket, created through HelpDesk, has a unique number for tracking and documenting every interaction between you and the support manager 
  3. Call or WhatsApp at 91-9210373801 / 9667962026

Kindly Note:  

Please do not contact us by replying to general mailings like Alerts, Notifications, DMs etc. These mails are sent from a send-only Sender e-mail address, which are not monitored regularly.  While writing email or sending WhatsApp to us - please clearly mention your name, company name and user-id


  • You may be a visitor - You need to register at first.
  • Only registered members can netowrk with other members.
  • Registration is FREE - takes only couple of minutes
  • For Premium Services - You need to upgrade to paid membership level
  • Vanik is a Hindi/Sanskrit word meaning 'trader' or 'businessman'. aims at helping businessmen sell more across India and overseas markets using business-to-business (B2B) channel partners. It is the largest and oldest platform on channel opportunities - helping Indian and overseas businesses since 2017.
  • The content is updated daily, sometimes every hour. Visit for latest opportunities on agency, distribution, franchise etc. from all over India and overseas countries.

Membership Services

Paid members enjoy various services for promotion, database access, retail and wholesaler, overseas reach etc. Few major benefits are:

  • Create catalog and host at
  • Upload products for targeted online promotion. Hundreds of distribution partners visit everyday
  • Establish trusted relationship with distribution partners
  • Enriched dashboard for membership resources management, monitiring sent messages and response tracking
  • Access to all databaes - Distribution Partners, Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Retailers
  • Access to Overseas market resources - Overseas supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers, ovrseas import trade leads

There are several other benefits - please visit Membership Services page for details



Vanik is the only source to display online over 50,000 profiles of verified distribution partners with detail information like experience, background, retail-wholesale reach, investment capacity, PAN/GST etc. However, unlike other such portals, we discourage members to call them directly. Vanik offers a process for establishing trusted relationship.

The urge to pick up phone and dial immediately without any preparation, without preliminary homework is among the biggest causes of deal breaking. Cold calling gets less than 1 percent success. As every distribution partner listed at Vanik have registered here - we encourage our members to establish first contact through vanik channel for better response. Here's step-by-step process for establishing a trusted relationship using Vanik channel

  • Create your business proposal by log-in to your dashboard and visiting Utilities - Create Biz Proposal
  • Go to Vanik - search / browse verified distributors, dealers, wholesalers, super stockists etc. and identify the ones matching your requirements
  • View detail profile of identified channel partner by clicking at More Info button
  • Look for Send Proposal button below detail profile, Click it
  • A preview of your business proposal gets displayed. If you wish to make any changes, please do that from your dashboard. Business profile can not be edited at preview stage
  • Below preview - find Send Email button. Please click it to send business profile in single click
  • Your business profile gets sent to your selected channel partner through email
  • Log-in to your dashboard, visit Utilities - Track Biz Proposal to track proposal mail (whether SENT, DELIVERED, OPENED ertc.)
  • Receive a copy of proposal email just sent, with complete contact details of concerned channel partner
  • Please contact concerned channel partner through mobile / email / WhatsApp etc. and take follow-up actions
  • One credit will be deducted from your account - everytime you send business proposal
  • You can check your credit usage from Dashboard by visiting My Details - My Usage
  • You can make changes in your Business Proposal any number of times from Dashboard

  We have seen 80% better response rate when Vanik channel is used for establishing first contact

Please place your cursor on Wholesale button on top menu panel. From drop down menu, please click on Retail Directory   

You can search by STATE, CITY or PIN Code. You can set switches like Store Image, Telephone Number and Website link for more enriched content

For super specific areas like say Chandni Chowk, Gandhi market etc. use latitude / longitude


Details of thousands of overseas Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers, Indian Stores, Supermarkets, Retail Stores are available at Vanik. As member, you can contact them and expand your overseas market reach. Please place your cursor on Overseas button on top menu panel. From drop down menu - please select Overseas Market Data  

We have displayed Google authenticated overseas market data for top 11 export destinations. Free to browse and search., in collaboration with, makes available over 150,000 overseas trade leads. You can briwse/search them free. To reach this section, please place your cursor on Overseas button on top menu panel and from drop down menu - please click on Overseas Trade Leads

Verified trade leads from across the world has been displayed here. Paid members can get contact details and establish relationship with overseas importers / buyers


Basic membership is free and valid for lifetime.

Paid membership can be for 3-Month, 6-Month or 1-Year, depending upon your choice.

Please Click Here For Information On Membership Fee And Services

  • Please click here for full information on Paid Membership Services
  • Select a time period from top selection panel. You can select 3-Month, 6-Month or 1-Year
  • Select a membership package - you can select Diamond (Basic), Gold (Pro) or Platinum Package
  • All features of every packages have been listed in a comparative table for easy selection
  • Once you have selected a package - please click on Pay Now button for that package
  • You will be taken to Add-On page. Here you can include any Add-On (e.g. Catalog, Featured Listing etc.) in your membership package
  • Your order summary is displayed with break-up of Membership Fee, Add-On Fee (if any) and GST
  • Please click on Pay Rs. xxxx  to finalize your order. You will be taken to payment page
  • Please fill-up the Membership Form (in case you are not logged-in). If you are a registered free member and logged-in, this page will be automatically filled-up from data in your registration page. You can change it later.
  • Please click on PAY NOW button at bottom of order summary to finalize your order
  • You will be on confirmation page - Please click on CONFIRM button to conclude the operation.
  • If you are paying offline (through bank) - then this process ends. However, if you are going to pay online (e.g. credit card, debit card NetBanking, UPI etc.) - you will be transferred to Payment Gateway server for safe transaction
  • We do not accept credit card, bank information or such sensitive information at our server. So, for online payment - the page will be moved to bank server. You need not do anything. Just click on PAY NOW button
  • We offer a variety of online and offline payment options. You may pay online through Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking etc. or NEFT/RTGS or drop cheque in your nearest branch of HDFC or ICICI bank. Please click here for all payment options 
  • We Do Not Accept Credit/Debit Card Information  - Online payments are transacted at secure server of Payment Gateway

Pricing of Vanik services are transparent - available for public view at platform.

There is no other charges / fees etc. other than whatever is mentioned on webpages

Additional fees may be necessary in case you are upgrading your membership level or purchasing add-ons.


Your GST invoice gets created automatically with membership activation. The invoice is available in your Dashboard. Please download it by log-in to Dashboard and click on Payments. From drop-down menu - please click on My Invoice. You will be able to download PDF invoice from here.

To renew your membership - please log-in to Dashboard and click on Payments. From drop down menu - please click on Renew Membership. Timely renewal (i.e. before expiry of membership) benefits include carry forward of your unused credits, apart from uninterrupted service.

Member Dashboard

Dashboard helps members manage membership resources such as profile management, catalog management, invoice, payment, monitor campaign response, messages received, analytics etc.  Dashboard is secured - members need user-id and password to log-in to his/her password.

Please log-in to dashboard and click on My Details at top menu panel. From drop down menu - please click on My Usage. You will find total credits, credit used and credits available information. Please click on number of credits used - you will find details of credit usage information such as date and time, IP number, and concerned enquiry number where credit was used. Click on Enquiry Number to view the text of the enquiry.    Important:  Viewing contact details of same enquiry twice - will not result in spending 2 credits.


After logging in to Dashboard please click on My Details. From drop down menu - please click on View Profile for only profile viewing. To make changes, please click on  Update Profile, make changes and update record. You will not be able to change company name and e-mail from dashboard. To make changes in these, please contact customer service

Please log-in to your dashboard and click on 'My Details'. From drop down menu - please click on 'De-Activate Membership'. Your name and other details appear with a text box for reasons. Please write reason and press De-Activate. Your membership services get deactivated - you will not receive any more mail from us.   Important:  Once de-activated - you will not be able to log-in to your dashboard.

The catalog details are stored in Catalog menu of Dashboard. If you are a paid member - our support dept will create your catalog - you only need to supply required information.You can make changes  in your catalog, if required. For free members - this facility is not available.

Distribution commercial is an Excel spread sheet that maps full pricing and margin information of all channel partners. This is a great help while negotiating distribution terms and conditions as it provides basic price, distributor margin, Net Landing Cost, GST, Retailer Margin, marketing cost etc. This document often undergoes change - so, usually kept in Excel Spreadsheet format. For more information about commercial - please visit Are You Ready To Sell Through Distributors ?

Paid members of Vanik can create commercials through a special utiliuty. To use this, please log in to Dashboard and click on Utility button at top menu panel. From frop down menu - please click on 'Create Commercial'. You only need to enter product name, GST rate, distributor margin and MRP for all your products - the utility will calculate the rest and create distributor commercial. One can preview it, change if necessary and download in Excel format.

Vanik provides model contracts for distributors, super stockists, franchise etc. Members can download any contract and customize it and get vetted by their own lawyer. This service is available for paid members only. To download a contract, please log-in to Dashboard and click on Utilities button at top menu panel. From drop down menu - please click on Model Contracts, You will find several model contracts in MS-Word format - which can be easily downloaded and customized.

Any paid member can send max 10 direct messages (DM) everyday. Messages can be sent to any listed domestic entity in On successful message sending - sender gets an acknowledgement e-mail and recipient gets sender's message through e-mail. If recipient mobile number is verified - he/she gets SMS alert also. Similarly, any channel partner (Free or Paid) can send max 10 direct messages daily to any listed brand / manufacturer. Free members in Brands / Manufacturers category can not send any direct message though can receive it.

All sent messages can be tracked from dashboard. To view all messages sent by you in the past, please log-in to Dashboard and click on Messages. From drop down menu - please click on Messeges Sent. You will receive list of all messages sent by you with data of message sent, and recipient name. Please click on any message to find further details like message text, recipient's offer etc.

Whenever anyone sends Direct Message (DM) to you - you will receive it as e-mail with message text. If mobile number is verified - you will receive SMS alert. You can track details of all messages sent to you from dashboard. To view all messages sent to you - please log-in to Dashboard and click on Messages. From drop down menu - please click 'Messages Received' to view list of all messages received by you with complete details of sender, message, date, time etc. For further details - please click on any message received.

You can track replies to your DMs from dashboard. Please log-in to Dashboard and click on Messages. From drop down menu - please select Replies Received for all details 

Promotion Service / Add-Ons

Add-Ons are specially developed utilities / services to enrich standard subscription packages. A paid member can buy a subscription  package and order additional services from Add-On table to be included in the purchased package. For example, a member who wants to sell through distributor as well as retail channels - may purchase a subscription package and order Retail Directory access from Add-On table.

This is technically not possible - all Add-Ons are designed to be used with paid subscription package only



Add-Ons are priced. However, please speak to your customer success manager. Depending upon your requirements and budget - he may help you out. However, you will need to buy a subscription package as Add-Ons work only with subscription packages.

All responses from all your promotion campaigns - be it Email Campaign, Catalog, Log Campaign etc. - are sent to your email box. In addition, the same is stored in dashboard. To track promotion campaign responses - please log in to Dashboard and click on Alert. From drop down menu - please click on Campaign Response. You will find all responses to your campaigns are neatly stored with details of responder, IP address, date, time, source (i.e from which promo campaign) etc.

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