Buy Credits

Want to access Vanik database for short term ? Planning to contact few channel partners quickly ? Please buy credits and contact your selected channel partners.

  • The credits you buy are added in your account and can be used to view contact details of any domestic channel partner. One credit is required to view contact details of one lead.

  • The system tracks your credit usage. You can view details of credit usage anytime by log-in to your dashboard.

  • In case you want longer term association – please consider subscription service.

Possible Users Of Credit System

  • You are searching only for a specific information, e.g. one superstockist in Punjab
  • You are visiting a given market and want to know beforehand who all should be contacted
  • You want to understand a specific market, so want to speak to few channel partners there
  • You are exploring a specific market for possible entry of your product there
  • or any such short term, specific requirements

25 Credits Pack

Rs. 10,000
GST @ 18% (Rs. 1800)
Total = Rs. 11,800/

Terms And Conditions
  • The credits are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

  • By default, the credits can be used for domestic entities only.

  • In case you want to use overseas contacts – please let us know.

  • We have verified every lead by calling concerned contact person and getting key information like experience, investment capacity etc.

  • We guarantee the sanctity of every Indian channel partner – that they do exist and are from distribution field. However, whether they do business with you or you do business with them – depends on you, your products, pricing, terms etc - all beyond our control. We can not guarantee business.

  • Negotiation skill plays a very important role in success of distributor appointment. We strongly advise you to take the Distribution Quiz to assess your negotiation skill and find your areas of improvement (if any)

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