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Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Mauritius, Maldives Etc - Now Within Reach

Internet has brought buyer seller closer - WhatsApp, Email has made ever so simple to contact them. Get details of Wholesalers, Distributors, Supermarkets, Retail Stores In Top Overseas Markets. Browse Free

  • Reach out to supermarkets, wholesalers, retail stores in lucrative overseas markets like Middle East, Singapore, Mauritius etc

  • Get list of supermarkets, retail stores with store name, address, locality, store image, tel, website, Google map and others

  • Additional information like website, email, social media handles etc. are added wherever availableStart contacting overseas buyers directly, WhatsApp your catalog. Engage into one-to-one negotiation. Visit the country with samples, if necessary

  • Please feel free to order customized list as per your requirements

  • Low Cost - Rs. 2990/- (inclusive of Taxes). USD 36

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