Available Agent in Australia for Meat / Offal

Adelaide ( Australia )

We are brokers in Australia who have contract arrangements for supply of Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Pork fresh / frozen meat and offal.

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Available-Dealer for Food Products

Jeddah ( Saudi Arabia )

I am from Saudi Arabia and dealer of food stuff. I have 18 years experience in this field. Please contact me

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Available-Distributor for Raw Herbs

Ras al-Khaimah ( UAE )

We are one of the leading trading company in UAE (Dubai) having same operation in India. We are in the field of household goods and consumer products. We want distributorship of raw herbs for North Kerala as we have good distribution set up there. Investment and sales depends upon your product. Kindly contact us as soon as possible.

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Available-food flavor

Guangzhou ( China )

we can provide any food flavor to meet your business' need

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Available-Distributor for Oil in Kuwait

Kuwait ( Kuwait )

Our company is one of the fast growing medical companies in Kuwait(more information at website). We want to be distributor of corn oil and sunflower oil in Kuwait. Ready to invest requisite amount and assures good sales volume. Kindly contact us if you want big explorer in Kuwait market with product and price.

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Available-Distributor of Medical Items in Philippines

Manila ( Philippines )

We are medical supplier in Philippines and we are interested to be distributor of medical products in Philippines. Investment can be done as per the requirement of company. Please send your email with product quotation and price list.

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Available-Distributor for Healthcare Products in Benin

Cotonou ( Benin )

We are importer and distributor of healthcare products in Benin. We are interested to market healthcare products in Benin market. Kindly send us detailed information of your products with price quotation.

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Available-Distributor for Hardware Machines

Abu Dhabi ( UAE )

I have extensive administrative experience of 44 years in abroad and good local contacts in Bangalore also. I want to become distributor of hardware machines like computer, household items and washing machines. Prepared to invest Rs.20 lakhs. Please send your catalog and price.

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Available-Distributor for Indian Disposable Paper Tableware

Tehran ( Iran )

We are a co-operative wholesale society based in Tehran, Iran and we are interested to be agent of your disposable paper tableware for Iran market. Please quote us the price and products samples along with your terms and conditions.

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Available-Agent in Canada for Snacks and Food Products

Vancouver ( Canada )

I am a broker, based in Vancouver, Canada. Are you looking for marketing your product in Canada. Please contact and send details of your products also specifications, prices and shelf life.

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