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About Us

We are a Molecular Bioscience Company that believes in promoting safe and healthy lifestyles through innovative health care products. Our range of products is born out of keen observation of hygiene requirements in personal, domestic, and institutional spheres. We believe in providing hygiene solutions that are as simple and effective. So, we are looking for energetic, smart, and dedicated Distributors for the sales of our Hygiene personal care products.

Business Details

Legal Status

Private Limited

Business Turnover

Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2lac

Year of Establishment


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USP of Company's Product

We offer a high-quality premium product at a competitive price. Compared to competing products in the market - we offer the same quality and standard at an attractive price. Trusted by our customers - we follow ethical standards and a 'customer first' attitude that is hard to come by.

Product List

  • Thanmatra Life Electron Gadget Disinfectant-100ml

  • Thanmatra Life LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant- 100ml

  • Thanmatra Life Herba Nuriel 8 Hours Protection Smart Sanitizer-250ml

  • Thanmatra Life Herba Nuriel 8 Hours Protection Smart Sanitizer- 5L

  • Thanmatra Life Kitche N Shine Organic Kitchen Cleanser-500ml

  • Thanmatra Life Curcumin Wash Organic Veg & Fruit Wash-250ml