Sample Buisness Letters
Reference and Introduction
Import / Export
Agents & Distributors
Buisness Letter
Banking Letter
Formal Letters
Informal Letters
Complaint Letters
Editorial Letters
Reference and Introduction
Letter acknowledging first order and ask for reference
Reply offering a reference for the order
Checking References
Reply to Reference Checking (positive)
Reply to Reference Checking (negative)
Checking Employment References from former employer
Responding to Employment Reference Check Request
Letter Introducing New Employee to Customer
Letter of Authority to book order and collect payment
Import / Export
Letter asking for a list of importers
Responding to Request for list of importers
Introducing a business friend
Introducing Your Company to a New Customer
Customer's Response requesting terms and conditions for supply
Your Response to Customer's Enquiry
Buyer's Response to your Offer
Buyer's Offer to Receive Goods on Open Account
Supplier's Response to Buyer's Offer of Open Account
Applying for Issue of Letter of Credit
Agents & Distributors
Draft an advertisement for stockists/agents
Write a letter applying for agency
Offering terms of agency
Write a letter accepting terms of agency
Write a letter terminating the sole agency
Draft an advertisement for a traveling salesman
Write an application for the post of a traveling salesman
Letter appointing a traveling salesman
Write a letter on behalf of a traveling agent while on tour
Write a reply to the traveling agent’s letter
Letter offering services of a agent
Reply to the above letter (positive)
Write a clearing agent’s letter subsequent to the visit of their representative.
Letter asking the clearing agent to collect goods for booking ands R/Rs for release
Letter enquiring about delay in receipt of documents
Reply to the above letter
Letter enquiring about the position of goods (sent for shipping)
Write a counter reply to the above letter
Buisness Letters
Requesting for reference
Letter of complaint about non-payment of dues
Requesting for products brochure and price list
Reply to the above letter
Order for books
Acknowledgement of order
Letter expressing your ability to execute an order
Letter asking for trade reference
Letter to a referee for status
Write a favorable reply to the above letter
Unfavorable reply
Letter of complaint
Letter from a firm to another, offering agency
Letter from a firm to another, asking for agency
Letter to the customer informing about the change of address
Write a letter announcing the opening of a New Branch
Write a letter announcing the appointment of partner
Request a business person to recommend a contractor
Change in firm’s Status
Informing client about termination of services salesman
Informing client about termination of services salesman
Appointing a new Traveling Salesman
Change of Address
Retiring from Business
Acknowledgement of Cancellation of Backorder
Acknowledgement of Change in Meeting Date
Acknowledgement of Merchandise Returned for Repair
Acknowledgement of Notification of Lease Transfer
Acknowledgement of Correspondence Indicating Postal Delay
Letter notifies a company that a former employee is talking negative about the company
Apology & Proposal on over shipped Merchandise
Apology for Accounting Errors and Past Dues Notice
Correspondence demanding payment
Request Advertising Agency For Fee
Inventions and ideas submission
Announcement of News Discount
Apology for not Crediting Payment
Apology for poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire
Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing
Letter thanking a business person who recommended a contractor that worked out very well
Acceptance of Order with Delivery in Lots
Acceptance of Purchase Security Agreement
Acceptance of Resignation
Acknowledged Receipt of Goods
Acknowledgement from publisher, Comment Referred to Author
Acknowledgement of Application
Outline of a Business Letter
Assignment of a claim for Damages
Assignment of Contract
Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty
Demand for Delivery
Letter requesting colleague to recommend someone for employment
Letter thanking a colleague for recommend someone
Letter accepting invitation to join the Chamber of Commerce
Inviting business person to join you at a Chamber event
Letter refusing an invitation
Informing benefits of joining the local chamber of commerce
Letter of Resignation
Displeased with advertising agency performance
Hiring an advertising agency
Request for magazine advertisement fee
Demand to endorsers for immediate payment
Request for newspaper advertisement fee
Letter to prospective client enclosing literature about firm
Thank you for press exposure
Terminating public relations firm’s contract
Letter to prospective client following up on meeting
Letter to prospective client following up on meeting : aggressive tone
Discrete letter of resignation
Letter canceling unfilled order
Later payment cover letter
Letter of appreciation to employee
This letter follows up the first strategic alliance letter
Letter for business partnership
Letter thanking yours strategic alliance
Letter asks another business for strategic alliance
Letter suggests to organize a consumer focus group
Letter suggest to other corporation that you organize a focus group
Letter asks another company to help plan a local promotional event
Letter requesting another business to allow a link from its website to yours
Letter simply asking a company to refer clients to you
Announcement of acquisition
Letter direct a colleague to refer a client to another company
Letter to the employee informing about his absentee records
Acknowledgement for the order placed
Letter to the supplier requesting doe reschedule time
Acknowledgement of cancellation of backorder
Displeased with public relations firms performance
Apology after cancellation of order
Letter canceling unfilled order
Reply canceling unfilled order
Mutual cancellation of lease
Notice of cancellation of contract
Notice to cancel entire order
Notice to cancel shipment of back-ordered goods
Notice to employee of bonus cancellation
Letter of resignation
Letter of resignation
Resignation Letter
Letter of resignation
Banking Letters
Letter to a bank requesting bank statement
Requesting information on interest rates
Requesting information on loan
Informing a bank that you lost your credit card & need a replacement
Requesting loan for further studies
Informing a bank that you would like to add another party to an existing account
Informing a bank that you plan to close out your account
Inform a bank that you are interested in opening a new account
Letter asking a bank to stop payment on a cheque
Letter asking a bank to transfer funds between accounts
Requesting an application for new mortgage loan
Requesting bank to repairs to your home as detailed under a home warranty
Requesting bank for a time duration for the payment of the installments
Requesting bank for information existing loan
Informing bank that their ATM did not return your card during transaction
Complaining to the bank that their ATM’s are frequently out of service
Complaining a bank about their service
Letter to the High ranked bank authority complaining about rude staff
Letter asking a bank to give further consideration to your request for credit
Information the change of address
Letter to the bank requesting a copy of a cancelled cheque
Letter to the client addressing about his bad cheque
Informing a bank that you have lost your debit card and need a replacement
Letter to the Bank Manager, asking for a loan for further studies.
Reply from the Insurance company to the customer
Enclosing cheque for Insurance
Letter from insurance company age proof certificate
Sending proof of age
Letter from insurance Corporation reminding about a proposal
Letter to the Insurance company to make the policy Paid-up value of the policy
Reply to the above letter informing the client about paid-up value of the policy
Requesting insurance company to send an insurance agent
Informing your insurance agent that an insured property is now financed by different party
Letter accompanying insurance claim forms
Letter requests claim forms from your insurance company
Requests reimbursement from your insurance company
Letter notifies your insurance of a property damage claim
Letter notifies your insurance company of an auto claim
Requesting a copy of your policy from your insurer
Requesting an insurance company for a rate quote
Requests for reimbursement
Notify your insurance company that you wish to add a new automobile to your policy
This letter informs an insurer that you are canceling your policy
Change the beneficiary of an existing policy
Request a change in the coverage limits of your current policy
Inform your insurer that you no longer need your car covered on your policy
Letter to your insurance company to adjust a claim under your policy
Letter to insurance company if you have been served with a lawsuit and believe your insurance company is obligated to define you under your policy
Canceling order as the delivery date has expired
Formal Letters
Employment reference letter
Acceptance of the resignation letter
Resignation letter
Seeking clarification regarding your retirement
Resignation acceptance letter
Acceptance letter
Resignation withdrawal letter
Issuing a notice for illegal construction
Reply after appointment
Letter for applying a job
Declination letter
Thank you letter
Applying for a job
Applying for a job as a health educator
Applying for a job as accountant
Applying for a job as a Sales representative
Enquiring about job opportunities
Seeking a job of the customer service representative
Seeking a job as a pharmaceutical representative
Response letter after seeing the advertisement
Informal Letters
Letter to a friend who is hospitalized
Requesting your Uncle to bring a computer
Letter to your father
Letter to your father requesting him some money
Letter to your younger sister
Letter to brother dissuading him from resorting to unfair means
Letter congratulating your friend
Letter to your friend consoling him
Letter of condolence
Letter to your Uncle, thanking him
Letter to persuade your friend
Apologisting to your friend
Invitation for your birthday party
Refusing the Invitation
Advising your brother to study
Advising your brother to avoid bed company
Letter to your friend on camping trip
Letter to your friend describing your dream
Advising your friend
Letter to your father on your monthly expenditure
Complaint Letters
Letter about Faulty Product 1
Letter starting Poor service
Customer service response letter to a customer complaint
Complaint about the faulty product
Microwave problems
Printer problems
Cosmetics problem
Digital multimeter problems
Garden polymer sprayers
Compensation for damaged freight
Complaint about the crowed to the field manager
Letter for Billing Problems
Appeal Letter for Services Denied as “Not Medically Necessary”
Letter for Quality of Care Complaint
About Inaccessible Information
Letter of Complaint about Inaccessible Information
Urge to vote
Complaint against the travel representative to his company
Letter for complaining after a purchase
To a company about poor service
Editorial Letters
Letter to the Editor on Defer
Letter from a Practitioner to an Editor
Letter from a University Professor to an Editor
Concern about the factual accuracy
Letter to the editor about the ecological system
PCB study finds what it was supposed to find- nothing
Letter to the editor informing the public about the Annual Brachial Plexus /injury Awareness
Extension Week Sample Letter to the Editor(For local stakeholders)
Letter to a national paper expressing your view on nuclear weapons
Letter to the Global security institute explaining about defense organization
Extension week letter to the editor for country extension officer
Letter to the editor about vegetarian diet
Letter to the editor about terrorism
Letter to the editor praising the stranger who considered animal life
No subsidies for mass trasit